All New 2020 Toyota Auris Release Date

All New 2020 Toyota Auris Release Date

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All New 2020 Toyota Auris Release Date

All New 2020 Toyota Auris – It is a car with many names: Toyota Auris, Toyota Corolla Hatchback and, after the death of Scion, the Corolla iM. Our latest spy shots reveal the 2019 version of the 5 door compact.

The all-new model may come out late next year and will take advantage of everything Toyota has done in recent years. That includes platforms, engines, technologies, and designs.

These basics will obviously be shared with C-HR and Prius. This is called Toyota New Global Architecture, or TNGA for the short term. The modular unibody can be adapted for AWD but it may not be necessary for that when it arrives at Auris, which is more directly competing with the Opel Astra than the A-Class or Golf premium class (which has AWD).

2020 Toyota Auris

All New 2020 Toyota Auris

2020 Toyota Auris Engine

From a powertrain standpoint, we do not expect major changes. Turbo 1.2 liter will continue to play a big role, as well as hybrid 1.8 liters. Toyota will not offer any type of diesel though.

Based on the collaboration signed between the two companies, it is rumored that the Corolla and Auris sedans will hatch the TwinPower Turbo engine, be it 1.5 liters or 2.0 liter one. This will give Japanese cars a way to compete with Civic and Golf with similar displacements.

2020 Toyota Auris Specs

Although camouflage seems to include a lot of duct tape, we can still guess what the designers are doing. This is a combination of C-HR with a little Corolla and Camry.

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The headlights are narrow and follow the shape of a clamshell hood. The rear lights, meanwhile, support the sharp folds in the middle of the hatch. Of course, this is a family car, so it can not be styled like a coupe. Practicality and features win the buyers here, not the effervescent design.

This prototype appears to be equipped with an e-brake and automatic shifter booting instead of a gate. Could that mean they did not use CVT? The engine for this car could be BMW TwinPower Turbo, and they certainly will not diesel. We are talking about 1.5 liters with a potential of more than 130 HP. So Auris can develop his reputation.

Additional concerns of the new interior include a sizable tablet-style infotainment system above the dashboard and capacitive buttons beneath the glass surface that controls car functions.

The platform used by 2020 Toyota Auris is TNGA, which has been employed by the Prius hybrid model line and C-HR crossover. This should ensure that the Japanese Golf rival is up well and quite lightly, though we do not stop suspecting a class leader is on the way.

In addition, Toyota placed one of the sporty body that he designed for years, with headlights and narrow rear lights, thick grille and sharp folds. Expect the Auris 2020 to be revealed in the form of a hatchback at the end of this year.

2020 Toyota Auris Concept Design

Unfortunately, Toyota is covering this thick Auris test mule, a black cladding that conceals the design details. Some bit styling is visible. For example, the model retains its narrow headlamps. At the rear, there is now a steeper hatchback that gives the vehicle a slim look.

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This shot also gives a look inside the vehicle, but the cabin has a lot of concealment. This right-hand drive example has a lot of black gloss trim. The previous image (in the gallery below) shows a large infotainment screen above the middle stack as well.

The new 2020 Toyota Auris will switch to Toyota TGNA platforms such as Prius, C-HR, and next-generation Corolla. The physical size of the model will not change too much, but the new base will allow the weights to curb down. Europeans will be able to choose from a small displacement engine, and its range almost certainly includes hybrid options.

All New 2020 Toyota Auris Interior

2020 Toyota Auris Release Date and Price

The new Toyota Auris 2020 will likely debut for Europe by the end of 2019 or early 2020. However, the future of Corolla iM in the United States seems somewhat uncertain because it is not a very strong seller.